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           Wood-Grained Aluminum Patio Covers.
                   The beauty of wood without the maintenance.


                    DIY or have it installed
Dealers and Installation available in:
     * San Jose / Bay Area      
     * Sacramento Area      
     * Modesto Area      

     * Fresno and the Central Valley  

Kit Delivery to:

     * Los Angeles
     * Orange County
     - Inland Empire
     * Reno
     * Throughout most of California and the Reno area

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                         Weatherwood Patio Covers

                                        Solid Patio Covers -
                                        Attached or Free Standing

                                                            Pergolas  -
                                             Attached or Free Standing



Complete this Quote Request Form for a prompt price for your kit designed for you.

Why should you consider buying your Weatherwood Style patio cover from us?
          I truly want your patio cover to be built properly and look like it was installed by a professional.  I have 
          installed hundreds of these beautiful covers and continue to do so.  There are many instances that if
          the part is not installed in a particular way, it will cause problems hours later.  The manufacturer's 
          assembly instructions are 9 pages long.  I wrote the instructions for our kits and they are 13 pages long.
          Those additional 4 pages of instructions are Trade Secrets needed to make the installation go
          smoothly and look
  We will provide you these instructions for $25.  When you place your
          order, we will deduct that from your invoice.

          If you have any questions during the installation, call us 7-days a week and we will provide you with
          the guidance you need.  Here are photos of an installation.

We have licensed and bonded contractors in your area if you would rather not do the installation yourself.
          These contractors are knowledgeable in the proper installation of these patio covers.  You will deal direct with

We supply a tool kit with the special tools you will need for the installation. 
          You will need to have drill motors, a miter saw, a level and some other major tools.  We will provide
          the little stuff so once your patio cover kit arrives, you can start installing.

The kit comes complete with all parts needed.
          Roof pans, gutters, down spouts, posts, brackets, screws, caulking, etc.

$25 Rebate
          Email us a photo of your completed patio cover and we will send you a $25 Gift Card from your choice of
          Home Depot, Lowes, Starbucks or Subway Sandwiches.

High Quality Material
          I have installed hundreds of patio covers and continue to do so.  I have used product from various
          manufacturers and some use very thin material and the quality is, in my opinion, poor.  When I
          install a patio cover, it is a representation of me and my crew.  There are only two manufacturers that I
          believe are top notch.  Our kit is from one of those high quality manufacturers.  These parts are rugged
          and the basic kit is designed to withstand 90 mph winds and could be built to withstand 110 mph winds.
          These parts come with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer. Click here to go to the Materials 
Detail page with close up photos and engineering drawings.                                                                           
Getting a building permit
          We will provide the patio cover drawings needed so you can get a building permit.  These patio covers
          are designed to the 2010 California Building Code as required by most cities.  We highly recommend that
          you get the permit before you buy the kit.  We will provide you these drawings detailed for your patio cover
          for $25.  Once you have the permit, we will deduct that from your invoice.  In most cities, the permit will be
          around $250 to $350 depending on the size of the patio cover.

Installation is available at a reasonable rate
          We work with licensed contractors throughout California with license that are in good standing and they were
          bonded as the law requires.  
                                 - The Bay Area
                                 - Fresno Area
                                 - Sacramento Area
          Compare the price!  Buying our kit and having one of these contractors install it is probably less than your
           local supplier/installer.
                           [More info]

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                           Wrapped Style                                                                              "No Tails" Style

                                      Lattice Arbor Style                         

                             Traditional Flat Pan Style                                              Traditional W-Pan Style

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