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Solid Patio Covers
Features and Benefits
                           * Full shade and rain protection
                           * Integrates seamlessly with your home’s architecture
                           * Look of wood without the worry and upkeep
                           * No warping, cracks, splitting, rotting or BUGS!
                           * Custom designed for your needs
                           * Custom end cuts on beams and rafters
                           * Can be combined with Lattice Patio Covers
                           * Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Plastic wrap on posts is temporary

Rafter Tails Style

"No Tails" Style

Traditional Flat Pan  (see more photos of these)

Rafter Tails Style with lights and fans

Combo Solid/Lattice

Combo Solid/Lattice

Color Combo -- Driftwood Frame; All Else - Sandalwood

With Skylights

Commercial and Industrial Applications

!! Important Note - Freestanding patio covers require footings.  Ask for details !!

A 11x14 Wood Grained aluminum patio cover. A little different in the top
frame than others we have built gives it a very nice look.

Rafter Tails Style with lights

Rafter Tails Style
With skylights, fans, lights 

"No Tails" Style with Slylights

Rafter Tails Style

Rafter Tails Style Combo

Rafter Tails Style

"No Tails"Style

"No Tails"Style

"No Tails"Style

 Rafter Tails Style Combo

Rafter Tails Style

Rafter Tails Style